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ACE Novelty

Treasure Troll Tot
A new character to capture the child's attention for doll play. A soft, well-made doll, this troll doll is something new, different, and already very popular. Certainly a troll story might go along with the doll for some added storytime magic.


Beasties & Lullabies
Building positive self esteem has gotten easier with this clever activity set. The child has projects to do on each page; the whole book will later beconnected with string. Everything is provided in this complete kit. Pages are preprinted for child to color in, use collage, construction paper decorations, and glitter glue . Many aspects are covered that will delight children, helping them learn more about themselves and their families. Everything fits into the handy storage box.

Alex Panline USA

My Collage Case
This see-through lunch-box-shaped case contains a full supply of various materials for creative collage activity. The set includes beads, doilies, glitter, yarn, stickers, and a good mix of colored paper. Trays are included for children to organize their supplies. An activity direction sheet is included in this set of creative arts adventure.

Angeles Group

Angels Rest Cot
A versatile, durable, cot that can be stored easily. Perfect for the child to have at home to use if a friend stays overnight. Cleaning is simple. The screws at the end of the tubing can be tightened for easy adjustment. A good buy.


An innovative, well-designed game teaches children about the body. The game can be played on three different levels. It helps children identify the names and functions of body parts as they take turns building the body with illustrated cards.