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A shape and sort key house complete with six geometric animal shapes which fit inside the shapes on the door.Once all the animals are inside, the child can turn the key to open the door and gather the figures again. Each door has a different color to match the keys on the ring. Colorful and easy to clean.

Binney Smith

My World Colors
So Big Water Colors
The colors in this crayon and paint set depict the skin, hair, and eye colors of people from around the world. Offers multicultural awareness and appreciation of diversity. The set helps children relate to the issues of same and different, and appreciate the rainbow of people. SO BIG set of water colors offers washable, large paint pans in an all-in-one set that includes one brush and a reusable case. Both are a great value for hands on art activities.

Blue Box

Big Bird's Talk To Me Teacher
Big Bird encourages children to play and learn with seven different activities. This interactive product provides practice with colors, numbers, alphabet, and spelling. Big Bird tells the child when the answer is right.


(800) GET BRIK Construc-Table
A construction set offering a very large, realistic size brick for the young builders in your classroom or at home. The set comes in both the large bricks and half size ones in primary colors plus pegs, wheels, axles, hooks, and hitches.


Kid Pix
Children can be creative with this program available in Mac or MS-DOS versions. School editions offer a Teacher's Guide and back up discs. The unique features are sound effects as children draw, a talking alphabet (also in Spanish), and sound tracks. There are 112 full color stamp images which can be modified. Special effects, secret pictures, and a protective device to prevent using someone else's work by mistake are innovative features. This program grows with the child.