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Sanyei Capsela

Color Whirl Whiz
Innovative way for child to learn colors and mixing. A disc driver allows children to snap on one of seven discovery discs, then press a button to see how the colors blend. They can see what works and what doesn't. Several blank cards and primary crayons are included for children to create their own designs. Complete with guidebook.

CELSA Learning Systems

These easy-to-use hardwood blocks contain six pictures each. All divisions of nature are covered to allow children to expand theft awareness, identification of nature, and learn science skills. A set of 26 suggested activities is included. The blocks can be used for different levels of ability.

Center Enterprises

(800)542-2214 Clifford
A big red dog named Clifford is the star of a book and rubber stamp series. A set includes six stamps, pad, and book. Select the birthday party, circus, trip, good manners, or other themes. Children create their own stories using the stamps and imagination.


(800) KIDS-VID Crib Rail Barnyard
A soft play activity for babies up to two years. There are accessible animals to play with, a teether, vinyl pocket, and swing-open doors. The velcro tabs can be attached easily.This is a perfect item for infant care.

Childrens Circle

The Ezra Jack Keats Library
A 45-minute videotape of six wonderful stories with animation from illustrations making them come alive. Themes deal with growing up, having a new baby in the family, using your imagination, plus others. This video will delight children and helpthem appreciate Keats' books even more.