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Childs Play

Junior Starter
Children need a variety of types of materials to work with and these hardwood blocks are an excellent choice. Well made, with smooth corners, they are cut to fit small hands and are packed into a basic classic starter set that is a real value.

Creative Learning Products

Paper Placemat
A clever set of placemats that children can color. Crayons are provided. The collection includes where to place, utensils, plates, napkins, and alphabet practice, information about food, plus basic word identification. Teaches independent skills and motivates child to learn. The drawings are large enough for small hands to fill in easily.


Cannonball Climb
Racing cars is an exciting activity for young children, especially around a fast track they cap build and put together. The track comes with straight and flexible connections plus different size joiners which help the child gain satisfaction from constructing it. Later they can use the resulting structure and activity for play and language development.


(310) 793-0600 Kid Works 2
Introduces children to the fun of computer software for writing and illustrating. They can print and hear the stones with speech synthesis technology. Helps the beginning reader connect between print and pictures. As the children advance they can combine more complicated original thoughts into their own stories. Good to enhance language and self-expression.

TS Denison

Reading Adventures In Oz
A perfect guide for many different activities for twos and threes. Monthly arrangements organized into social studies, observation, math, muscular development auditory discrimination, science, listening, eye hand coordination, and others. Within each month are a wide number of excellent projects, including rhythms, songs, reproducible art, awards, and much more.