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(800)776-6909 Magnetron Music
This well-made magnetic board is an innovative way to learn music basics. All of the components you need to teach notes, signatures, and other aspects of music are available in large, unbreakable pieces which are easy for little hands to move. The set is designed with all of the young musicians in your classroom in mind.

Dr. Peet's Software

Picture Writer
This is a first writer's guide to simple sentences. The pictures turn into picture words and are placed in sentences. Helps the child make the connection between pictures and written words. Encourages the child to develop writing skills. Promotes eye-hand coordination while enhancing creativity. Especially designed for the child who has difficulty reading and writing. Teacher manual is well done and useful.


Bucket 0' Chalk
A bucket of dust-free, washable chalk for children to make designs and art and then learn to clean up easily afterwards. The 34 sticks in this bucket are a variety of pastel colors. With some added sponges and water, little artists will find delight in this fun activ-ity.

Early Learning Concepts

(800) 776-6909 Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends
Designed for the very young child, the blocks offer a soft and lightweight medium for building. Classroom sets offer 152 blocks not larger thin 6 1/2 " x 12 3/4". Colors are red, blue, yellow, and green. These are perfect for quiet time and for special needs children.

Fisher Price

Flip Track Rail & Road Set
A compact, durable layout for little navigators to move depending on their whim. The versatile, sturdy set has two sides of the layout to create many play possibilities when the ve-hicles move into action. A colorful truck, car, train, and plane are in-cluded to round out the package, offering hours of transportation and language adventure.