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Flexible Flyer

Three Tot Rocker
A cleverly designed rocker excellent for preschool, where two or more children can enjoy rocking at the same time. This is a bright red, sturdy, and easily stored item that will delight the children sitting safely on the rocker and those watching them have fun.


Big Builder Set
A twist to the wide variety of construc-tion blocks on the market are these that can also twist and move. A set of 144 large and small flexiblocks, 40 flexiswivels, wheels and axles make this a real value for diversified classroom building supplies.

Lewis Galoob Toys

Super Van City
An assortment of those popular micro-machines is contained in this detailed play vehicle with rolling wheels. This large vehicle transforms into a series of city play activities including a crane, car wash, garage door, and drawbridge. The city play area will soon be full of the excitement expressed by the child's imagination.

Gemini Kaleidoscopes

Bug Eye
What can be more fun than looking at the world through a kaleidoscope? Look through this one with its cut-outs of insects and flowers. Watch ladybugs and butterflies fly among the flowers. Little fingers can hold onto the case without difficulty. Imaginations will soar when transforming what they see into pictures or other expression. A good value.

Good Stuff

4 Wheel
Action Stuff is a new plush vehicle line for safe and imaginative play. The vehicle is a large, colorful, and well-made look-alike of a 4 Wheel vehicle complete with large wheels and decorations. Plenty of space at the top allows little hands to get inside the driver's side and create their own form of action. The dimensions are 9" high and 14" long.