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Good Year Books

(800)628-4480 We Like Kids Songbook
A collection of contemporary songs and a tape to listen to and sing along with, based on a public radio program in Alaska. Songs are presented by fine singers including Red Grammer, Tom Paxton, Ella Jenkins, and other musicians from all over the country. Book and tape are packaged together. Included are resources for music sales, storytelling, and magazines.


Cube Puzzle
This is a challenging eight cube puzzle with four images on each cube. The child has the opportunity to sort, match, and plan strategies. The wood used in the toy is crafted from farmed hardwoods and is ecologically sensitive.

Harper Collins

Auki's Dinosaur Dig
Discover the dinosaur hall in the American Museum. The book and game provide lots of information about these fascinating creatures. The card game reinforces the book and features 13 different dinosaur skeletons. Game instructions are easy to follow. Part of an ongoing science oriented series.


I Love You In The Sky, Butterfly
Very carefully thought out program for children to learn language-especially good for ESL. Children interact with stories and can print out pages and form new stories as they wish. They can animate the stones and create backgrounds and labels. Within the units are almost all basics including math, Science, and problem solving. Directions are easy to follow.

Highlights for Children

Best Board Games
This collection of 16 games from around the world comes in an oversize, colorful book with pieces inside to take apart. With easy, well illustrated instructions, the book includes the history of each game and other information. The around-the-world aspect teaches the universal aspect of play.