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Hickory Dickory Dock Clock
In this world of digital clocks and high tech, it is refreshing to see this practical and durable wooden classic clock. The sturdy clock is designed to be both instructional with its movable hands and full of extra play value as it contains colorful numbered blocks set in pegs around the face. The blocks are removable. Lifetime guarantee.


$9.00 - $28.00
From the company that created the soft globe come these organic, unbleached cotton toys. Select from a line of animals including bear, whale, puppy, rabbit, or elephant. Filled with cotton fibers, these products are easy to clean and hypo allergenic to offer healthy, huggable play.


For The Love Of Our Earth
Children can learn to make a difference with gardens, awareness, and clean-up. In this well-illustrated book, children learn they have the power to be involved in many constructive ways. Teaches positive approaches and helps children understand they can be of service in their community.


An educational, practical way to store the small toys found in your program. The Day Box set comes complete with bright, colorful days of the week printed on the seven boxes. You can stack, sort, and use them for reinforcing children's awareness of time. Good for teaching neatness and responsibility.

International Playthings

No Peeking
A new twist on an old favorite identifica-tion of shapes and textures. The child puts on one of the two masks and tries out one of the 60 different shapes to figure out what it is. The games build communication, dexterity, and recognition. This is excellent for small groups of 3- to 8-year-olds.