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Kidderoo Creative Toys

The stage is set for imaginative play with this soft theatre backdrop, ready to hold the durable vinyl characters and letters. The set contains 56 letters, 20 numbers, 26 story pieces, 47 shapes, lengths of bright rope, and much more. A great value.

Kimbo Education

Children Of The World
Easy-to-listen-to tape of music from around the world to get children moving and dancing. The tape comes with lyrics plus suggestions for activities. Includes alphabet song (Haiti), Mexican and Brazilian dances, polkas, and songs from eight other countries. "It's a Small World" and "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" provide familiar melodies.


Our World In Danger A young person's guide to world survival issues presented in clear language. A way to answer children's concerns about the environment and help them understand what they hear about. Illustrations depict worldwide issues about animals , pollution, birds, forests, and other aspects of nature. Part of a world wildlife series.

Learning Resources

Dinomath Tracks
A board game that teaches communication and math skills while children have fun with their favorite dinosaurs. The dice are rolled as they solve problems, learn place values, and social skills. The objective is to move the dinosaurs along their color-coded tracks. The game can be played on different levels by adjusting the problem solving cards.

Lego Systems

Zoo Playset
A perfect playset for the classroom includes ample space for realistic zoo animals as they doat the San Diego Zoo. Complete with accessories plus information sheets about each of the ten animals. Children will amply benefit from language development and social skills. Support to teachers with Active Learning Ideals booklet.