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Something Big Has Been Here
The talented composer reads, sings, and strums his poetry. Jack Prelutsky has written over 30 children's books. Topics are a blend of creative fun and words certain to stimulate the children's imagination and desire to create their own poems and songs. Some titles are "A Remarkable Adventure," "I am Growing a Glorious Garden," "My Brother's Bug," and more. 12 selections on both sides.

Little Tikes

Time passes quickly when playing in the Castle. The facade has the look of stones, complete with tower and platform, swinging front door, slide, and flagpole. The Castle will be a favorite for children, who will be transported to another time and place by their active imaginations.


Dictionary For Children
Using the dictionary will never be the same after children learn about this one. With the help of Zak, the guide, the dictionary offers sounds, finding a word by typing it, looking up definitions by clicking on the feature, and making up a personal list of words. Several word games are included. This is used with the latest in technology multimedia extensions for Windows, sound board, a 16 color VGA monitor, and four megabytes of memory.

Mary Meyer

Pack A Pal
You can select among the new set of pets and their fantasy homes featuring a bunny in a carrot, a cow in an ear of corn, a monkey in a banana, or a squirrel in an acorn. These furry friends are soft additions to the play home area. They are 9" tall, well made, colorful and sold separately.


Graffic Traffic
A set of two miniature cars will encourage children to custom design their own vehicles. Each set comes with an assortment of pens and decals. Children can have fun designing and comparing their creative work. Matchbox cars are a favorite collectible. The addition of an individualized art activity makes each one even more unique and personal.