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Mattel Toy

See And Say Storymaker
A new twist on talking toys, this book shaped product allows children to create their own stories and learn words. The children can select words and then combine them with other words, phrases, and sounds to make up their own stories. There are other surprise elements like fun sounds to add additional value.


This is a learning environment to help the child gain skills including classification and grouping. There are six scenes where the child plays with snapdragon in the bathtub, swims, works on a farm, hikes in the woods, and floats in outer space. Surprises happen when certain parts in the scene are touched with the prompter. When bubbles are popped there are shapes that need to be sorted and grouped.


Excellent value for a classic, versatile construction toy. Children can practice fine motor skills and build a variety of movable objects including a plane with a rotating propeller or a lifting derrick. Colorful primary pieces. Nice to see some classics are still available.

Morrison School Supplies

Three Way Easel A space-saving, innovative easel allowing two or three children to be creative while painting at the same time. Each easel board measures 24" in both directions for easy paper fit. The six removable trays hold six cups of paint and are easy to clean. Supplies are sold separately.

Natureprint Paper Products

Nature Print Paper
Sun-sensitive printing paper produces photographic type prints. Excellent for science, craft, nature study. Children will enjoy using the new transparencies offered including insects, animals, and dinosaurs (sold separately). Create projects around leaf identification, or other objects which look good as white on blue background. Special classroom packs of 30 sheets.