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NES Arnold

Made in England, these uniquely shaped sticks and circles allow children to create new twists on construction activities. The sticks and circles fit together to make windmills, bridges, buildings, and many other forms. They are durable and created in primary colors. The class pack offers 480 sticks, 88 small and 72 large circles for model making.


Oceans Of Bubbles
For fun outdoors these magic, colorful wands will delight. Seagoing shaped creatures of fish, turtle, crab, and others fascinate children who wave them around and create schools of bubbles. Easy to use and inexpensive. Complete with bubble liquid. Part of sales goes to the American Oceans Campaign.

Nursery Nature Walks

Trails, Tails & Tide Pools In Pails
A resource book on nature activities with young children. Excellent information and illustrations work perfectly with text. Takes you from woods to seashore for ways to bring nature into the child's life. Important information presented in a useful and illuminating way. Many good ideas.


Wikki Stix
$4.29 for package of 48
Plenty of small finger dexterity when children are using these colorful, versatile waxed yarn strands to create letters, shapes, and do crafts. Perfect for special needs students. Easy to cut and bend, they are useful and reusable. Good for those field trip en route travel activities.

Optimum Resources

Endangered Wildlife Shuffle Book
A product of the Museum of Modem Art in New York, this open-ended game stimulates stones about wild creatures. The well-illustrated, large (4 1/2" by 6 112") set of 52 sturdy cards provides stimulation for children to create their own endings. The simple texts with pictures of animals, fish, birds, and insects help to explain their plight.