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Parker Brothers

Boggle Junior
An excellent language game to assist children with letter and word recognition. Helps develop motor skills and concentration while children have fun at the same time. Additional skills include recognition, memory, and cooperation. The goal is to associate words with pictures and match letters eon the easy-to-read, durable picture cards. A playing guide is included.

Peeleman Mclaughlin Ent.

Children's Theatre
Dramatic play is always important for young children and this realistic looking theatre makes putting on plays even more fun. The innovative theatre comes complete with heavy cardboard sets, 19 cut-out figures, and two scripts. Children can also use their imagination as they rehearse plays and practice language skills.

Peerless Plastics

Kinder All
Real art can be messy, but so much fun. For those occasions when only paint and brushes will do, this handy smock is needed to protect little Picassos. It has sleeves with Velcro closing on the back, plus large pocket to hold supplies. Primary blue, red, and yellow make it good looking while it does its work. Easy-to-clean, these smocks are flame retardant and perfect for your needs at school and home.

Playmobile USA

Pirate Island
Pirates will always continue to hold a fascination for young children. This playset stimulates safe and enjoyable role playing. The set provides all of the anticipated props of an island complete with beach, rocks, vegetation, cavern, and a hut. The inhabitants who roam the island include pirates and a parrot. A valuable addition to fantasy play.


Sand Works Deluxe
An exciting, colorful addition to sand and water play, this tower of power is certain to keep children happily digging, pouring, and watching the action from the spin-ning and spilling design. There is a built-in sand castle mold, plus two easy-to-hold shovels.