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Mega Blok By Lil'Builder
A reusable container topped with a wearable bright yellow construction hat contains 120 blocks; offering children construction experience compatible with other systems. The price value is terrific and gives children plenty of long lasting play.

Rose Art

Designer Desk
Kodak has licensed its name to a new line of art products starting with this lap top desk containing crayons, marking pens, drawing discs, stencils, and paper. The colors are designed with a special bright color palette. This is a versatile, compact unit with storage included.


Art Alive
A Genesis drawing and animation program that is very well done, colorful, and innovative. It will stimulate the children to create, use the pre-drawn graphics, and add their own ideas. The toolbox offers a full array of color and design. The best part is the children can explore and move at their pace. Artists can draw free hand with pencil, use an eraser, create curves, flow into free form, use a spray can for special effects, and animate. Great fun for all ages.

Simon & Schuster

Mix And Match Book Of Dinosaurs
The thrill of the dinosaur continues into an imaginative flip book full of many creative dinosaurs. This spiral book allows the child to place the head of one creature onto the body and tail of others. The original ten can he expanded into hundreds of combinations. Names can also be combined in new ways. Children will learn and be amused.

Skookum Jump Rope

Jump Rope Kit
A jump rope children can enjoy putting together The neon beads are colorful and easy to string. Children feel good about their skill in making a plaything. The finger and eye-hand dexterity practice are well worthwhile for the time taken to create the product. Gives children good coordination practice, especially when the jump rope is completed.