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Table Toys

The Lapper
This versatile, colorful, and sturdy unit offers children accessible play, storage, and travel all in one. The comfortable table top offers plenty of room for activities from construction to puzzles. The legs also provide handy places for storing blocks and other small toys. Dimensions are 20" x 12' x 9".

Talking Stone Press

Where I Come From!
An extensive, well researched collection of 63 songs and poems in many languages, arranged by theme. The collection has songs, poems, and chants based on home, community, family, senses, seasons, and nature. Many different performers give a rich tapestry of around-the-world sounds. A real value for a sense of global community.

Tandy Corporation

Video Information System(VIS)
A unique and exciting new electronic product offers information and learning instantly. The Video Information System (VIS) uses a wireless hand controller hooked into a television set so viewer can interact with pictures, voice, music, and animation. Appropriate VIS software is readily accessible.

Texas Instruments

El Zoo Magico
A fun and entertaining way for children to hear and learn Spanish through activities of a switch, as one of six animals appears and speaks to the 9- to 36-month-old child. Other skills built in are learning colors and memory. A bilingual instruction package is included.

Today's Kids

Pitch Hitter
Easy-to-use equipment to help young batters learn to coordinate and practice their swings. The delayed action allows for the swing, and the large yellow cone catches the ball if it's missed. Children can play with others and take turns at hat. Perfect for outdoors.