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Magnetic Match N Spell Board
A practical two sided board for recognition of letters and words. Sesame Street characters decorate the board, which offers chalkboard writing practice on the reverse side. With the colorful alphabet letters ready to place into the clear outlined spaces, this makes a delightful teaching toy.

Toy Marketing International

Ball Activity
A strong, transparent vinyl ball, perfect for active outdoor play. Twelve small balls in six basic colors are inside the larger clear inflatable ball. Excellent for balance, games, and exercise. The ball offers good, safe fun while enhancing large muscle and eye-hand dexterity.

The Toy Works and Rand McNally

Portrait Globe
Using a large, colorful, soft globe, the world features wildlife and sea life. Children understand geography while discovering the creatures that live on each continent. The illustrations are detailed. The globe is an excellent tool for learning about land, oceans, and where in the world animals live.

The Toycrafter

Nostalgia is updated with this high tech variety of a classic toy. The top offers science and fun. Instructions and five different tops are included in a clear case. Children can actually make and color their own tops to add to the value of the toy. Good practice for eye-hand coordination.

Trend Enterprises

Lace 'Trace 'N Play
A longtime favorite produced into six basic shapes that will hold up to wear and tear. Children have a set of eight colorful laces to push and pull through the holes in the shapes for eye-hand coordination practice. They can also be used to trace, make pictures, or play other games.