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Unicorn Engineering

An amazing keyboard perfect for preschoolers plugs into a standard keyboard port. Enables children to learn pre language and pre math skills such as the alphabet and numbers, or play games with the overlays. Particularly useful for the disabled as the large keys are easy to see, use, touch, and understand.

V Tech

Talking Super Smart Set
A new, improved electronic learning aid which has 16 built-in activities, with a friendly computer voice to reinforce progress. The child will have practice in learning letters, spelling, math, and music, plus enjoy some challenging games. A 200 word vocabulary on three different levels of ability is included.

Video Tutor

Get Ready For School
Introducing Mrs. Phipps and Snoothy, who provide children a chance to experience basic activities in kindergarten. A lot of humor is included with easy conversation. Focuses on readiness, color recognition, shapes, numbers, and other language development. The video offers fundamentals in an entertaining way.

Martin F. Webor

Best Friends
A handy double easel for one or two children to use plus a big supply of non-toxic art supplies. One side offers work space of white erasable surface and the other a chalkboard. The extra value is the rest of the contents crayons, chalk, poster paints, markers, scissors, brushes, paper, and more.

Western Publishing

Favorite Authors And Artists
A Golden Books special 50th anniversary collection of 12 favorite books. Included are Richard Scarry's Best Little Word Book, This Is My Family, Pocketful of Nonsense, ABC Garden,The Shy Little Kitten, and more for reading out loud. Excellent illustrations. Comes with slipcase for easy storage.