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Standard Block Set
This is a top-quality set of hardwood blocks that children will use for years. They are smooth to feel, the right weight, and perfect for construction. The set is already packed in a convenient blue cotton case for easy storage. The set includes standard blocks plus arches, triangles, and columns. A terrific value.

Bogner Entertainment

Peter Cottontail
How He Got His Hop" is an original story complete with terrific music and wonderful visuals. This new angle on an old favorite story character will delight children. Peter learns some important lessons and discovers talent he didn't know he had. A master puppeteer, Jim Gamble, creates the award-winning puppets for this 30-minute story with some special twist


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Discovery Keyboard
This is an excellent musical keyboard plus a lot more that helps to teach basic notes and sound combinations. There are many features, including special sounds of drum, piano, harmonica, and organ. Children can sing through microphone, play a tune, and replay and repeat an original tune of 20-30 notes. Perfect for first-time music lovers.


(800) GET BRIK
Smart surface that changes for smooth art work or construction activities. The playing surface is 14"x16" and 20" high. The legs snap under the table to make it easy to store. This is perfect for one or more children to play and build on. Matching chairs are also available.


The Backyard
This special new program encourages children to delve into learning about animals' behavior and their habitat. The playful activities encourage them to draw and have fun learning about animals, habitat, life cycles, and sprouting seeds. On the scarecrow they can select a variety of faces and make other changes. There are games to play and a lot of exploring to do; by hunting for buried treasure in the sandbox, children develop their spatial and directional skills.