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Big Bruiser Dump Truck
Transportation toys of high quality made by this company have been driven along children's play-roads for many years. This year it's a new twist: vehicles with voice commands. By pushing one of the buttons, a voice says "unload" along with sounds of the engine and lifting cargo. Bright yellow with big wheels, this truck will provide many hours of fun-filled activity for children.

Career Pals

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Natasha The Nurse
Introduce children to the range of occupations available with this career-oriented dress-up doll. This doll is available in Black, White, Asian, and Latin, plus choices of entrepreneurs, medical, professional, sports, and entertainment. Each of these excellent 14-inch role model dolls comes with an illustrated Career Book. Can the boys be far behind?

Center Enterprises

Clifford Number And Alphabet Stamps
Popular Big Red Clifford is depicted on rubber stamps to give children practice with letters and/or numbers. The child can use the stamps for number recognition, counting, or to record numbers. The alphabet stamps provide letter recognition word building, and other activities. The sets are sold separately.

Children's Circle

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Max's Chocolate Chicken
A charming set of video stories lasting 30 minutes. Excellent illustrations, narration, and music. The first is a story of a bunny who has trouble playing by the rules. The second story illustrates Mother Goose. The third story is about a mouse that gets lost. The last story helps to teach good manners.


Radio Addition
A play board with preschoolers ' favorite character has a sticker set that can be used over and over. Barney is joined by three children who can slide down the slide in the park, ride their bikes, or play a baseball game. There are a few animals included. This is a good quiet time activity, perfect for a child who needs to have some time out or a reward for a lot of hard work. The play encourages finger dexterity, spatial relationships, and size matching.