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Educational Insights

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Math Safari
A powerful math program that provides easy steps to learning math. Lessons are in full color with excellent graphs. This is a computer-guided machine with a quiz game style featuring flashing lights and electronic sounds for guidance. The 40 lessons in each book are based on the standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Can be used as a tutor, game, or for steady mastery for any student. Headphone set and AC adapter available. Needs four D-cell batteries.

Explora Toy

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Bug Pals
Select one of these six bugs-ladybug, firefly, butterfly, bee, cricket, and beetle-as they offer fun, sound, light, and information. A 12-page booklet and four collectible cards are offered along with a suction cup to hold bug in place. Teach children about the importance of bugs and prepare to make a display of all six of them.

Fanny's Playhouse

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International Friends
An array of skills and dolls to choose from. Select a learn-to-dress doll from among these choices: Oriental, Hispanic, Black, or White boy or girl. These are colorful, well-made dolls offering children improved self esteem plus finger dexterity in learning to fasten snaps, ties, zippers, buckles, and buttons. Just what the busy teacher needs to assist children in learning dressing skills.

Fisher Price

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Action Sounds Garage
A playset with a purpose. This is a practical and fun way to get children to appreciate the fine art of auto mechanics. This garage has plenty of activity, complete with realistic pneumatic sounds that will keep children fascinated. They can dismantle the cars, fix, and wash them. Just add two batteries.


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Linky Rink Creative Language Play Cards Kit
This is a practical and fun way to reinforce learning for young children. The laminated cards use both sides. They teach colors, numbers, counting, patterning, visual spacing, hand-eye coordination. There are 70 colorful large links. The set comes in a reusable storage bucket.