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Frank Schaffer

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Floor Puzzle
This 50-piece, easy-to-put-together, giant puzzle will provide your classroom with Jurassic Park excitement. It is 2 ft. by 3 ft., with excellent graphics and colors. The information sheet will help you improve your information about the dinosaurs that lived 65 million years ago, and still fascinate young children today. Useful also as part of a mural or to generate art activities.

Gemini Precision Products

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Kaleidosaurs Kaleidoscope
One more way for children to enjoy their favorite subject, dinosaurs, with this unique kaleidoscope, an old favorite done in a most innovative form. The colors are great floating around the tiny Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus Rex inside. A fascinating way to enjoy these easily identified shapes.

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Creative Disks Jr.
A new colorful shape for construction fun. This a non-toxic plastic in many bright colors that allows children to develop a wide variety of interesting projects. They are flat, snap together, and cannot be swallowed for extra safety. Comes in several size packages. The one I selected is 96 pieces at a very good price, with a drawstring bag.

Good Year Books

A Kid's Cookbook
One of the best cookbooks for children, this is easy to read, filled with excellent illustrations and lots of useful information. Daily Planner for Healthy Living and a handy measurement chart are included. More than 50 fun recipes cover breads, snacks, desserts, main meals, and salads. Plus suggested activities, information, tips, and readings.

Gordon R Wren

The Ref Bop Bag
Allow children to vent their feelings on this durable, sand-based 40" bop bag. The shape of the referee looks durable, despite the potential of lots of wear and tear. The black and white vinyl inflatable will be a fun item, great to use in or out of doors. There may be days you will enjoy using it too.