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I Dood It

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A playset developed by parents for their children to enhance travel. First there are four wooden travel friends in a personalized travel case with over 30 magnetic play pieces. The starter set begins in the United States. Easy-to-move pieces can be used in the classroom for discussion and play. Role playing encouraged and plenty of space and destinations for travel. The rest of the world awaits.


Imagiix Kids
Soft dolls with a new twist. Add geometric shapes in triangles, circles, and squares, plus colors on the reverse side, and you have something that appeals to children of many ages. Each doll has one of these patterns and they are soft, cuddly, and washable. Useful developmental information on hang tag.

Imagination Plus

Out of Business
Ha Choo
A clever board game to help children overcome fear of going to the doctor or getting sick. The children learn how to reduce their temperatures while moving the food and medicine cards. Play helps them learn how to get better, but first don't forget to say "Ha Choo" or you miss a turn.


(800) 899-6687
Assist children with writing and self expression with this new, innovative software for Macintosh computers. It speaks as words are typed, and can change type face. This software is easy to use; it can help the child review what was written, read back a sentence, a paragraph, or the whole page. It offers picture menus for beginners. The system works with keyboard, speech synthesizer, and other software.

JTG of Nashville

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Keyboard Magic
This is a fun way to introduce music. The book combines color-coded songs and a good-toned keyboard, plus synthesizer sounds. The pages with 15 easy to sing and follow along songs lie flat on spiral binding. Plenty of illustrations and fun sound effects.