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Learning Resources

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Scenterville Orchard
Bright game board full of fresh fruit, complete with six different fruit scents and miniature pieces. This is a perfect game for pre-readers over three, as they learn to count, sort, sequence, and match. Children will have fun as they reach into the bag, draw a scent, identify it, and then move the piece of fruit. The first one to the fruit stand wins. Other games included.

Little People's Workhop

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Explorer's World
This is the first ecologically based learning program with an amazing amount of content and organization. Developed with the Cincinnati Zoo for preschoolers to learn about animals, also covers basic skills in a series of activities. The program includes teacher, child, and parent materials for year round learning including videos, plush animal puppet, and more. New set each month good for ten children.

Living and Learning

Number Cruncher

A Teach Me Robot that makes counting fun for 3- to 7-year-olds. The cards offer questions, and the child gives the answer out loud. Then the card is placed in the robot's mouth. When it comes out again the answer can be confirmed. This will delight children and help them learn numbers up to 20. Included are number recognition, counting, and addition.

Mary Meyer

Baka Baku
An unusual and very useful new play-mate. A special soft plush puppet with a magical power, this half-lion and half-elephant is based on an ancient Oriental legend. This is a puppet to ward away the bad dreams that frighten children. A little book tells the story. The DreamEater is soft and easy to handle, and will make a welcome addition to classroom discussion, nap time, and the home. Helps the child gain a feeling of control and empowerment.

Mattel Toys

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Goofy Waterslide
An amusement park all wrapped into one great piece of outdoor equipment. When you attach a hose to this slide and turn on the water, the sprinkles shoot up in the air and onto the slide, making it enjoyable on a hot day. Children can then slide into a landing area with the extra delight of a splash at the bottom. Perfect for summertime and without the hose good for climbing and sliding.