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No Ends

No Ends
There is no end to the construction children can do with this 150-piece basic set. The building set includes straight and curved beams and six end connectors. Directions include building a puppet theater. This would be a fun project to put together, and in the end, produce a puppet show. But there is no end, so use the beams and colorful enders to create whatever you want endlessly. Club newsletter full of new information.

Ohio Art

(419) 636-3141
Sparkle Lights
A new version of an old favorite. The transparent pegs are placed by the child into the base which, when it is turned on, provides an illuminated peg design. The brighter colors shine where the peg is inserted so the child enjoys bright contrasts of pattern and design. 240 pegs are included with portable board and instructions.


(800) 869-4554
Wikki Stix Activity Set
A practical playset complete with 84 colorful, bendable yarn strands that offer endless creative activities. These flexible sticks can be used for art projects and learning letters and numbers. The reusable play board offers a good surface for many projects. Comes with booklet full of good ideas.

Optimum Resource

(800) 327-1473
Stickybear's Early Learning Activities
A brand-new software program for use on Macintosh computers provides bilingual learning activities for children 2 to 6 years old. The activities include alphabet, counting, shapes, colors, and other essential skills. The methods allow for prompted directions and discovery. This is a program that has excellent, lively animation. There are a number of features, including a microphone for additional pronuciation practice.

Parker Brothers

Boggle Jr. Numbers
A perfect follow up to the popular word game, this is a game to teach and improve skills including sorting, number recognition, matching, counting, concentration, and of course taking turns. The illustrated cards provide a variety of different games. Will be effective for beginners to more advanced players.