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Perry Publications

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Hamel The Camel
A book and cassette combination to present a new version of an old story about acceptance, uniqueness, and values. The book is well illustrated by Ellen Nordensten, with text and music by Robert Perinchief. Hamel's rainbow-color coat and three humps turn out to be useful in making the point in a positive way.

Picture Me Books

If I Were An Oakland Athletic
These innovative books encourage the teacher or parent to insert the child's photo so that the sports on each page can be more fully personalized. A reluctant reader may be moved to join the team and read these sports-related new books. The specific teams are new additions to the series. Illustrations are colorful with vivid baseball and football action.

Piece Keeper

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Piece Keeper Play Table
Just what you need to organize and provide great play surface for a group of children, this table has deep bins with lids. Store a variety of construction toys in the ample storage areas. Lots of play surface for creativity and busy builders. Attractive and sturdy in two- and four-bin models.


(908) 274-0101
Perfect for city or country kids, this farm has it all. The main barn snaps together and offers an attic that is accessible on two sides. All of the windows, doors, and gates can open and close. Included is a whole barnyard full of animals. Figures include man, woman, and child. A birdhouse and doves, a well, plus sunflowers are all added fun.


Talking Alphabet Alphie
An amazing communication product for ages three and up, Alphie wakes up when the Go square is pressed and then it's hard to stop. The games identifies letters as the child presses the right one. The friendly voice confirms the answer and the face lights up. When the wrong one is pressed, the voice gently corrects. Variations of games include simple words and spelling. Additional picture activities are included.