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Innovative game for two or more children to assist in learning to spell. Children seven and up will enjoy the action of cards and a race to move towards the goal-a castle-with words. Allows beginners and advanced players to enjoy the fun together. Game consists of deck of letter cards, speller cards, spoiler cards, six movers, and game die. Instructions are easy to follow.


(800) 465-MEGA
Mega Bloks
A bucket containing 60 pieces and a cover doubling as a construction base make this a great value. These construction blocks offer a lot of active play value for small finger dexterity and unlimited creativity The children can build alone or in small groups.

Rose Art

500 Activities
Adaptable for children in the classroom or for home, travel, sickroom, or quiet time. Filled with posters, stickers, greeting cards, book nameplates, paper dolls, finger puppets, puzzles, balloons, plus crayons, markers, glue stick, and scissors. Activity books and coloring books also in the useful travel case. This set does not run out of ideas or value.

Science Passport Inc

Manor Bookhouse
This unique structure is a 42" tall, versatile play unit that serves as a puppet theater; home for dolls, action figures, and stuffed animals; a store; fire station; or what-have-you. It can be used as a room divider, display space, or for other uses. Real windows and door and a flight of stairs are available. A number of children can play and learn simultaneously. Any art material can be cleaned off easily.


Ecco The Dolphin
An innovative new video game offering a dynamic vision of the sea and the life of dolphins. Ecco, the young dolphin, faces the challenge of finding his family pod again by having to struggle with currents, rip tides, ice caps, sharks, reefs, and other hurdles. Children will learn a great deal about dolphins and their sonar, and gain other knowledge along the way with this exciting underwater adventure. Graphics are spectacular. Good bibliography for added learning.