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Sierra Club

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Dancers In The Garden
A beautifully illustrated book filled with the magic of the hummingbird and its aerial acrobatics. Additional information is included after the story to provide tips and methods to observe the birds more frequently. Readers will gain greater appreciation of the hummingbird's special delicacy and relationship to the flowers.


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A unique stool which provides some unusual formations. First each seat is a comfortable, bent plywood seat, or it can be linked up with others to form a circle, bench, staggered or arranged in an S pattern. The stool fits into any room and will work wonders for versatile seating.

Makit Products (formerly a Small Fry Originals)

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Make A Plate
Your children will enjoy seeing their art work framed in a reusable plate or mug to give to their mom and dad. The 10" plates or 10 oz. thermo-plastic mugs are stain resistant, dishwasher safe, and are uniquely colorful, decorated with the indivdual art work of the very proud child.

Spring Valley Creations

Fantasy Unicorn
This will be a great item to add to fantasy play. This is a colorful animal wrapper unicorn, complete with easy-to-handle reins for a fast get-away. The waist band is made of adjustable Velcro. The unicorn is available in several colors. It has secured eyes and a full mane. Other designs include horse, giraffe, and zebra.

Steven Toys

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Big Play Desk
Children will have fun with this desk. They can use it for writing, drawing, or playing. It is colorful, sturdy, and offers a tray compartment for storage of supplies. This is one of those adaptable, easy to-clean, use, and store accessories that offers a lot of value. A welcome addition to the classroom or home.