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The Straight Edge

USA Read And Hear A Mat
Great way for the child to learn geography. This is an introduction to learning the states and facts about each one. Some of the facts include state capitals, state nicknames, and special information. Mike Colvin narrates as the child follows the adventures by referring to a mat that is washable and can be used with a washable marker to trace the guided travels from state to state.

T.L. Clark Educational Products Group

(800) 643-9768, ext. 718
Window Tunnel
Great fun for children in or out of doors, this bright red tunnel has a vinyl see-through window midway for extra visibility. Easy to use and keep clean. There is heavy-duty steel wire inside for strength and durability. The length is 9' opened and 2" closed. Weight 11 lbs. Children 1-5 years old enjoy this adventure play.

Ta-Dum Productions

(215) 947-4751
Gotta Hop
Add a musical interlude to the dinosaur craze with a with a fun song, "Dinosaur Dip," plus eight other active songs. David Jack sings his own high-energy songs (written with Susan Jack Cooper) for 30 minutes. Titles include "Gotta Hop," "Walking Through the Jungle," "Makin' Faces," and "When It's Showery."

Table Toys

(800)999-8990. ext. 326
A new compact table that forms a base to build and create. There is convenient center storage where children can have easy access to a large number of blocks. The mesh bag helps children keep their blocks within reach and removes easily to clean the blocks. Available in primary colors, the table measures 31"x31"x16". An optional cover adds to value for art work.

TC Timber

Musical Marble Run
This is bound to be a very popular activity. Children love to roll marbles. In this wooden playset they can watch them fall through to the next level. Science is being learned, gravity and all of that, but this fine product also adds music to make play even more exciting. This will please children from age two and up.