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Team Concepts

An electronic tutor and game partner. The screen is excellent with good LCD display and adjustable contrast control. This mini-computer offers 22 different activities with range in levels of abilities. Includes spelling, grammar, music, matching skills, and memory exercise games. Typing practice is included. Additional cartridges offer trivia, animation, and languages.


Headsmart Count's Talking Numberland
An interactive electronic toy provides children with a fun way to learn numbers, do simple addition and subtraction, and learn basic concepts. The Count, a frequent character on the show "Sesame Street," will assist children as he supports their giving the right answers and kindly corrects any wrong ones. This is a perfect aid for preschoolers who need an extra boost.

Texas Instruments

(800) TI-CARES
Touch And Discover
This innovative learning product offers interactive lessons in both English and Spanish. Through a touch and discover method the child can progress through colors, comparisons, numbers, matching, vocabulary, and transportation by using 40 different picture panels with speech synthesis reinforcement. One headphone is included.

Today's Kids

Roly Poly Penguin
A perfect pet for baby to age three, this is a versatile penguin that offers a great deal of play value. First this clever black and white animal is a fun object to push over, listen to the chime, and watch it waddle as it returns to standing. Then it converts to five large pieces that are easy to separate and replace on its center pole. Will be a delightful pet as discoveries are made.


Elmo's Magnetic Actwity Clock
This clock will be used frequently to teach analog clock skills. The magnetic board decorated with favorite Sesame Street characters includes color magnetic number shapes. Hands of the clock are easy to turn. The sturdy frame encompasses fun and learning. Important skills for these days of digital clocks.