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Toys to Grow On

Pet Vet
Taking care of animals is a good idea for children, especially with this clever playset. This collection includes signs to let pets know the doctor is in, play animals, grooming brush, scale, bandages, and other items that good doctors keep in their offices. The kit comes with its own pet carrier box. Can be helpful in lessons on learning to care for pets. Just watch out for the class hamster.


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Baby Get Well
Children do get sick and that can be frightening. This 15" soft-bodied doll will be the right patient for learning to comfort and heal. Doll has voice that tells you how she is feeling if you press her arm gently. Her cheeks get red. She coughs and sneezes and says she doesn't feel good. When she gets her bottle of juice she gets "all better." She comes complete with thermometer, bottle, but needs one 9-volt battery. Is there a doctor in the room?

Uncle Bert's

Uncle Bert's Garden In a Jar
A perfect way to introduce children to the wonders of seed sprouting and the nutritional value of fresh sprouts. In this collection you have a jar with screen, plus a four seed mixture-alfalfa, mung, lentil, and cow pea. The sprouts will grow within six days with only water. Easy directions and a lot of fun and learning in this project.

University Games

Kids On Stage
Time out for charades and a lot of great communication fun. Players pretend who they are while the audience tries to guess. This is a great game and is easy for all ages to follow. Pretend to be an animal, object, or an action like "taking a bath" or "skating." Children and adults can have fun by playing this game together.

WJ Fantasy

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Avid Dreaming Of Dinosaurs
A big book on a favorite subject of children these days. Pages open up double to present big dinosaurs, then a smaller one, and finally the one that David is dreaming about. Text is from the child's point of view. The illustrations are vivid. Excellent features in this fun and informative book.