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Weiss Twice Toys

Treds Bat And Gripper Set
This is a perfect set for outdoor play-an easy-to-grip 27" bat and ball. The bat is sturdy and colorful in blue and green. The ball is bright red and can be seen from a distance. Bat set is perfect for coordination and muscle development. Raised tread pattern makes it easier to grip and swing. "Batter up!"


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Curly Lasagna
An audio tape series with a delicious new twist. Original music by Jeffrey Harrington and stories by Reyn Guyer with characters that will delight children at story time or when they just want to listen. " A Bug Named Lew" first captured my attention. Songs include "Takin' A trip," " All About Trees," " I'll Do Anything," and more. Good for classroom, home, and car trips.

Wood Designs of Monroe

Double Telephone Booth
This will soon become a most popular center of activity. The look of the real thing, complete with real phones. Children will gain communication skills and enjoy talking with each other on the two phones. Comes complete with everything you need; just add plug and watch those phone bills soar.

Woodkrafter Kits

Matter Batter
Part of a new "See for Yourself Science" series, "Matter Batter" helps children learn about the properties of matter. They can create plastic and rubber or "rubber blubber," "slimy stuff," and "gummy glop." You know how much kids love these kinds of experiences! This is a step-by-step process, but only to be used with adult supervision. Five more products in the series for ages four and up include magnets, salad sprouts, fingerprinting, tabletop freezer, and bug collecting.


Prehistoric Animals
Obtain a note card set for creativity and learning. Everything needed for the project is included, plus information about each type of dinosaur. Children be fascinated with the possibilities of creating their own cards and using the fun collage materials found in the in the kit. The scissors, crayons, and glue needed are included, with 12 cards and envelopes, color sheets, and other decorations. Others in the series include holidays, endangered animals, and birthday cards.