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Dr. Toy's 10 Best Toys for 1994 Descriptions

Selected by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (Dr. Toy)

Connector Set Toy

KNEX Helicopter
87 colorful pieces to construct a helicopter with a turning rotor. Good manual dexterity, imagination, and the sense of accomplishment in making a great fun toy. Ages 6-10.


Lovies Bear Plush Blanket
A warm and cuddly combination of bear and blanket for lots of affection. Babies and toddlers benefit from a friendly, washable lovie that can make life even more secure. Ages 2-5.

Fisher PriceUSA

Talking Smart Street
An electronic starter activity set for learning fun. Easy to use store fronts & clock teach numbers, colors, shapes, sounds, music, counting and time with good reinforcement. Ages 2-6.

Galt Toys

Playnest Activity Ring
An innovative washable playmate for practice of important skills including colors, textures and sounds features musical train, squeaks, rattle and a tactile tree. Ages 3mos- 2.

Holgate Toy

Color Me Racer
ASet includes hardwood car body plus easy to assemble axle and wheels for great fun putting it together. The child personalizes with included washable markers. Ages 6-12.

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