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Little Bits o' Paints
Creative expression
A perfect addition for a child's artistic imagination, this practical set of bright, non-toxic, colors gives the right amount of paint, plus simple coloring experiences with each instructional card. Easy to apply and clean. Colors are sharp and true.


Color 'N' Play
Creative toy
Wonderful value. A travel box filled with crayons, sharpener, ruler with basic shapes to use, stencil and 8 color and play alphabet cards. A perfect carry-on for the little traveler. Nice any day activity. Child can color and learn the alphabet at the same time. One of many great activity sets from this creative company.

Tip: Children learn by using all of the senses. The products that teach with electronics provide fun, stimulation and transmit information. A great way to reinforce the use of electronic aids is by having a direct art, reading and learning experience. Through the direct experiences of reading, drawing, tracing and finding letters children practice and reinforce concepts and information becomes real.

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