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WJ Fantasy

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Games Around the World
Board game
Created in cooperation with UNICEF this go anywhere game set can be played in school or at home. Instructions for each of the six games are translated into four languages. Included are games from 12 countries including checkers (France), Tic- Tac-Toe (Egypt) Snakes and Ladders (India) and others. Images from the country are part of the gameboard. Playing games teaches children many skills and social interaction. This is a set for the whole family to enjoy.


Multimedia Bug Book
CD Rom, Software
Based on the missing bug collection child learns about bugs as they are found and identified. The habitats and much more is part of the discovery process. This CD is based on the Bug Book. Another in a series of nature adventures is the Bird Book.

Tip: Take a trip to the Natural History Museum to see bug (or bird collections) and to help children learn about creatures that they are curious about. Find appropriate books to add to their information. Talk about these experiences. Child may also enjoy drawing their own bug pictures in a sketchbook. Look for the nearest butterfly garden or plant one in your own backyard or at your child's school.

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