My Personal Tutor

A variety of excellent new materials are now available from this leader for children at all ages. My Personal Tutor includes 100 multimedia lessons designed to help children learn with the help of an animated tutor who uses music and humor. There are many tips provided to learn math and other skills to move at the child's own pace. This is the only software that identifies specific trouble spots and gives practice on what is needed most. It is interactive as it builds the child's confidence and helps them to develop their skills further. Encourages exploration while what is termed a scafford is built around the child of instructional support so that if there is a particular problem, the child learns how to handle it. They have developed a preschool workshop for children 3-5 in which child learns shapes, colors, counting and other learning skills. They are introduced to a parrot, a lion, a monkey, alligator and others to help them through different levels of play. They learn to build and decorate toys, dress animals and master other concepts. The next level is an alphabet playhouse in which they have games, they learn puzzles, and have pre-reading activities. The Reader Railway is the third in the series for 4-6 year olds to learn vocabulary and reading comprehension. And the fourth is for 5-7 year olds to develop the fundamentals in addition of math skills and games, thinking and problem solving. There is a learning activity guide to assist parents and teachers to encourage children's learning. It is a reasonable price for a tremendous value that can be very useful in the classroom as well. You will learn more about the rest of the new educational products by clicking on the website--look for the innovative Actimates program with Barney, a rainforest CD plus a whole lot more.