Tilt N Tumble

This is a fun game. This game will help the child learn to balance and to have a good time. The activities help the child to enjoy playing with each other and with the whole family. There is a base game and instructions in this box. It is a fun, colorful game that everyone in the family can enjoy. The instructions are in English and Spanish. It's a 2-level, suspended playing board. You place all of the purple, yellow, orange, and red disks on the lower level. You roll the dice to see what color disk may be moved to the top level, but you have to be careful because each move shifts the game and tilting it to different angles. It requires strategy and balance. The red disks are heavy and cause the board to tilt the furthest. The person who is able to make the last safe play wins. This is the third largest game manufacturer and is the oldest family-owned company in the country.