Careers for Kids

What a great idea, all in one box. These decks of cards, Careers for Kids, encourage conversation about what children can do in different fields. Children select their favorite career cards and write resumes that describe jobs. They learn to look for help wanted and follow a job journal. There are all kinds of terrific activities that have been developed to help the child learn about careers. They play out talking in the counselor's office and at home. They can read, think and talk about and discuss a search for information on the internet, to talk to people about different careers. In the area of music, for example, the career ideas include disc jockey, music critic, manager, song writer. In the area of technology, people who work in computers, operate as designers such as in the area of art, graphics, cartoonist, toy designer. In the area of sports they can explore being a physical education teacher, agent, and so on. This is a program that really helps kids to move forward. Four titles are available; sports, art, technology and music.