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ComQuest Scholar

Another great product from this innovative company to introduce technology to young children. This product includes 40 multi-level activities, a color screen, vocabulary, math, strategy, and learning how to use a mouse. The word processor has built-in memory. It works very much like a notebook computer. There is a separate printer that is compatible. It is for children from first to third grade. Memory lets the child save and store documents. It has a full keyboard and a power pointer. There are games of vocabulary and grammar, math and time, a spellchecker, calculator, alarm, scheduler, address book, fortune teller and face maker, plus strategy and memory games. There are some homework helper games as well. This is a great value and a useful introduction to the use of the computer. The programs include a high resolution display and animation. This is a smart toy with plenty of memory. Children can write and spellcheck. They can save and store documents. A really fun, educational product.