3. Aristoplay 

Hail to the Chief



10-12 yrs.


Hail to the Chief

"Hail to the Chief" is an educational game to teach children geography, history, the Constitution, and the electoral process. It is a multi-level game to allow children to play, expand their curiosity, and involve other members of the entire family. It is a particularly popular product during the election year. This product allows the child to travel around the outside of the board game and win delegate votes by landing on Presidents, answering questions on the Presidency and the Constitution.

As soon as they have a minimum number of delegate votes, players can hit the campaign trail. Once on the campaign trail, they move to the center of the board and travel from state to state. Players win electoral votes by answering questions on U.S. history and geography. The player who earns a minimum number of electoral votes and reaches the American Eagle first is the next President.

The president of the company, Jan Barney Newman, believes the game helps children to learn to be better future citizens and leaders of the country with more knowledge about the United States. Aristoplay makes a fine line of educational games.



3-8 yrs.


Floor Model Theater

This is a theater designed to stimulate imaginative play, featuring white markerboard or chalkboard panels. Children use it as a store, post office, library and whatever else suits their fancy. For performances or imaginative play, each panel can be custom decorated with scenes, or used in any way the child desires. The theater panels are framed in solid hard maple. A pair of washable curtains easily mount on a curtain rod to cover the front opening. The 24" wide by 47" high center panel has two side wing panels, 21" wide, attached by special hinges.

The panels fold easily for storage, but are held open during use by locking metal braces. The theater opening is 22" wide by 16-3/4" high. The theater is easy to assemble with a Phillips head screwdriver. This product provides children with unlimited language development and fun play while encouraging creativity and dramatic activity.



3-10 yrs.


Maple Utility Easel

This easel, one of many fine ones produced by this company, gives children an opportunity to work together or independently create art. It has two art surfaces, one for chalk and one for wipe-off markers. It is a very safe and durable easel. There are two hard maple paint trays and a unique center storage tray that securely hold the easel open during use and pivots away allowing the easel to fold flat making it perfect for home and school. The easel is 47-1/2" high with 24" x 24" art boards. Accessories are available including magnet and clear boards, paint trays and paper.

BEKA is a family-owned business producing high quality wood products since 1973, They started making hand-weaving equipment and accessories that are still offered. In 1982 they expanded to include many new safe and creative designs that encourage imaginative play.