19 mo. - 5 yrs.


Giant Pegboard

This toy features large, colorful and easy-to-use pieces that strengthen hand-eye coordination and help with fine motor skills. It teaches children about matching colors and sequencing and helps them develop their visual memory and creative play. There is a variety of ways the pegs can be used. There are 25 pegs in five colors. The child can either string or use bands to circle the pegs and create designs. The other side can be used as a geoboard.

The company was founded in 1977 by Lane Nemeth, who wanted to provide her child with developmental toys, books and games. 



8-12 yrs.


Right Moves Chess Set

Chess is a classic game that has been challenging children and adults for hundreds of years. This is a great family game that allows children to play together. It develops strategy, thinking and concentration, and expands attention and memory. This version of the game folds into its own storage box. Learning to play chess is an important skill for everyone. The game can be enjoyed for a lifetime as the challenges grow with skill.



6 mos. ? 2 yrs.


Snuggle Time

This is a wonderful first book for the baby to enjoy. The book has different textures and sounds that will stimulate and hold interest. Baby can play with the book and become familiar with turning pages. Dexterity and manipulation is developed. There are eight features and four sounds. Plenty of good colors, high quality fabrics, and a little bear slips in and out of a pocket on the cover.