14. Gemini Kaleidoscopes



6-10 yrs.


Create an Image Kaleidoscope

This is a basic, easy-to-use kit to teach children how kaleidoscopes work. Included with the kit is a brief history and diagram of the kaleidoscope, as well as stickers, beads and decorating instructions. The colorful trinkets can be easily changed inside the removable chamber. Your child will discover the enchantment of the kaleidoscope and be fascinated with changing the images.

Take the time to talk with your child about the magic of kaleidoscopes and encourage them to use their imagination and experiment with their own kaleidoscope. This is a great way to stimulate and encourage their interest in art, science and creativity while having fun. Gemini kaleidoscopes are sold in museum shops, schools and science centers as well as specialty, toy and gift stores.
15. Gemini Kaleidoscopes



6-10 yrs.


Magic Marble Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscopes expand a child's imagination and provide a focus and an opportunity to explore creative visions. Magic Marble Kaleidoscopes are wonderful optical toys that stimulate a child?s imagination and creatvity. Point the Magic Marbles at any object and turn every view into a dazzling kaleidscopic panorama. A long time favorite of children and adults. Magic Marbles are offered in a variety of styles, Pastels, Stars and Strips, Holographic, just to mention a few.

Mike and Linda Thurston started this fine quality kaleidoscope business in 1981 in a small town near Pittsburgh. Gemini produces really top quality kaleidoscopes at a reasonable price and offers a variety of interesting kaleidoscopes. The scopes sell in museum shops, toy and gift stores across the country. Many teachers use them in art and science classes to teach the principles of light, color and geometry.
16. Holgate Toy



2-4 yrs.


Jumbo Lacing Beads

Primary colors, easy-to-string beads of varying shapes allow the child to string beads together, take them apart and start over again. This activity helps to develop eye-hand coordination, practice numbers and sequence skills. Children have fun playing with lacing beads. These are large and easy to grip. They will help your child develop many skills and have fun.

In 1789 Cornelius Holgate produced his first line of fine quality wooden products in Roxborough part of the city of Philadelphia. During the Civil War Silas Holgate grandson of Cornelius provided buckets for axle grease for army wagons. Shortly after the war Silas?s two sons moved the company to Kane. This is the oldest US wood working firm. In 1929, Holgate produced the first wooden toys. Their designer was Jarvis Rockwell, brother of illustrator Norman Rockwell. Holgate has many fine products that are durable, well made and perfect for both home and school.
17. Holgate Toy



1-3 yrs.


Rocky Color Cone

A classic product, Rocky Color Cone consists of six wooden rings in primary colors set on a durable rocking base. Children have fun putting the rings on the center post, taking them off, building and starting over again. It develops hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. This is a product your child will use frequently as they learn to count, identify colors and develop small muscle activity.