1-12 yrs.


Hugg-A-Planet Earth

An accurate illustration of planet earth showing countries, oceans, islands and over 600 labeled locations is printed with non-toxic inks in bright colors on 100% cotton fabric and is made in the U.S.A. Children of all ages have fun playing with it. This toy will grow with the child. This product provides learning at home and in school. Children learn to understand the earth and the need to care for it by hugging this toy and learning from the information sheet.

In 1983 this unique company began manufacturing brightly colored earth's and many other fine products enjoyed by families everywhere. 
19. Kimbo Educational



3-8 yrs.


Bean Bag Activities

This audio tape provides fun musical experience while helping children practice right/left discrimination and other skills through games and teamwork. Perfect for home and school. It includes songs like "Who's Got The Beanbag," a circle passing game, and "Making Friends With A Bean Bag," a toss-and-catch game. This tape will help find new ways to get children physically active while having a great time.

One of many excellent high quality tapes from this fine company.
20. LEGO Systems



5-12 yrs.


FreeStyle Bucket

The Lego System Freestyle Bucket allows the child to use their imagination and develop their skills while having many potential choices. LEGO has provided children of all ages with fun and enjoyment for many years. Children love to create and build with the endless possibilities provided by colorful and easy to use LEGO

Originated in Denmark, this has become one of the most popular toys in this country and around the world. Founded in 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen began making wooden toys. He called his company LEGO in 1934 which means "play well" in Danish. In 1948 he introduced interlocking plastic blocks and in 1954 began the system of play known today. The president of the company is the grandson of the founder of the company. LEGOLAND Family Park is being developed in Carlsbad California and is planned to open in the Spring, 1999.

21. LGB of America 



8-12 yrs.

LGB Freight Starter Set

The freight starter kit is a perfect addition to any train collection. It allows children to use their imagination and also to create an environment. The classic set comes with a smoke generator and working lantern, and includes a log car, caboose, 110-volt power pack, four one-half circles of solid brass track, wiring, and play figures -- everything your child needs to play for hours.

LGB is a world leader in G-Scale train sets. It offers finely-crafted locomotive freight and passenger cars with many details.
22. North American Bear



3-10 yrs.


Muffy VanderBear 

Muffy is a delightful 7-inch bear with as many different personalities as outfits, over 90, since she was introduced in 1984 in a classic christening gown. As Cherry Pie she is dressed in a colorful dress and pinafore, complete with embroidered cherries and a perky ribbon in her hair. Along with a variety of furniture and accessories, Muffy is part of a family of fully jointed classic bears who were introduced one year before Muffy. Dressed in formal wear VanderBear family includes Cornelius (father), Alice (mother), and Fuzzy and Fluffy (twin sibs). Muffy is very popular with an expanding fan club.

In 1978 the North American Bear Company started producing uniquely designed high quality teddy bears with the nostalgia of antique toys appealing to children and adults. Now the company has a full range of other plush toys with unique look and name plus paper products and infant plush.