4-12  ($17.95)  800-984-8486

An Amazing World 

Some amazing 26" diameter, circular puzzles with terrific life-like design allow the child to be challenged through a work of art that comes apart and is put back together again. Each individual piece is sturdy and has educational information on the back. The World Beneath the Sea "puzzable" is filled with 69 fish shaped puzzle pieces of sea creatures of all kinds as food eaten and oceans it swims in. The World of Dinosaurs has 75 animal shaped creatures with name, size, time and geographic location. These puzzles are unique and perfect for school and home. Coming out summer of 1997 is the 100 piece Amazing Endangered Species puzzle. 


Are We There Yet? 

6-12  ($14.95)  800-892-9012

Are We There Yet? 

A fun-packed game of 500 cards. This travel game builds observation skills. The winner locates the most items that appear on the cards during the travel. Play directions are easy to follow. The person who is driving the vehicle should not play. But of course that doesn't stop them from talking about the game or making comments. Variations of the game include Acceleration, Demolition Derby, Convoy Card, Splat, Card Wash, Travel Card Bingo and Open Road. Developed in Canada. Box is easy to take along, play and store.



8-12  ($25.00)  888-478-4263

Who's At Home? 

Animal habitats in their natural settings is the theme of this excellent game. Children can study the habitats of desert, polar, prairie, woods, wetlands, rainforest, mountain and city. Learn how animals survive in each of their own environments. A product parents and children can play together. There are four animal playing pieces, cards with 320 questions, a manual with a lot of instruction plus information and a reading lesson. Beautifully designed with great colors a product that goes along for travel.


Basic Fun 


6-12  ($7.99)  215-364-1665

Mini Arcade Foosball 

Your child will have a great time playing with these pocket sized arcade games. Choose among a pocket foosball, pocket rod hockey, pocket pinball or Crane Machine. All styles feature fold up legs and portable play areas that are travel ready. 

The foosball has lots of action with rods to maneuver the ball up and down the playing field.. Hockey plays like a table top version. Pocket Pinball spring action plunger, working flippers and seven arcade sounds. features foldup legs and scoreboard. The Crane Machine moves up and back and side to side to grab one of the toy prizes to win. The company also offers a wide range of miniature key chains including Etch-A-Sketch,Viewmaster and Uncle Milton's Ant Farm.