Binary Arts 


8-12  ($15.00)  888-789-9538

Rush Hour 

No question that children may enjoy the traffic jam. They may think it's funny, but the way to really enjoy it is to get out this great puzzle where gridlock gives you the challenge. Work your way out by matching the puzzle card. The red card is stuck in traffic. There is only one exit. You have to find your way out. It helps children with thinking skills. Developed by Nob Yoshigahara, a celebrated inventor. This puzzle has incredible variety and endless opportunities. Cruise the road. Other puzzles are available from this company so click on to their website to learn more.



1-12  ($55.00)  800-989-5506

Boxed Birthday 

Make birthdays simple and easy to create with these wonderful new party theme box sets with a difference. The 20 themes include animals, the ocean, balloons, bubbles, butterfly garden, knights and dragons, fairy princess, mystery, dinosaurs, space, pirates and Wild West. The entire set for eight children is reasonably priced if you consider all that you get. Includes party ware, activity kits, games, decorations, plus invitations. Comments show this a service that has helped a lot of families enjoy the celebration even more. The butterfly garden party includes invitations, plates, napkins, spoons and forks, a tablecloth, balloons plus party favors, coloring books, stickers, learning activities and games. Decorating ideas are also included. Make life simple any time during the year with this fun and educational plan.




5-12  ($5.99)  800-428-6533

Laces with Faces 

Every child needs to learn to handle their shoes and these unique new laces will make it even easier. This elastic lacing system provides an easy way for children to get in and out of their shoes with support. They won't trip this summer over untied laces and they won't get frustrated when they want to go out to play. Created by a father of six, he found tying and untying children's laces every day somewhat frustrating. Plenty of choices of colors and designs. Helps with dexterity and confidence. Select from Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, or others.



7-14  ($24.95)  800-769-2891

Handwriting Exercises 

A unique program to help children learn to write better while listening to music. This is perfect for some fun time writing while your child develops coordination and the motor skills involved in handwriting. While many children learn to type they still need to be able to write in a traditional way. This product will facilitate and improve their handwriting skills. The exercises move in a simple, easy way, and they are made fun along as listening to the music makes it easier for the child to understand how to improve writing style. There are 10 structured lessons with two exercises in each session for two pieces of music, or a total of 20 exercises. The child will learn straight lines, angles, curved and rounded strokes, and get plenty of practice. Great product to take along while traveling to make the time go faster and to encourage your child may write a perfect letter to grandma by the end of the trip.