2-8  ($9.95/$11.95 CD)  800-331-1437


An excellent opportunity for children to learn how to listen and appreciate classical music. There is a CD or audio tape plus an educational coloring book. This is a product of a jazz and classical recording company. Children learn about the four main sections of the orchestra: strings, bass, woodwinds and percussion. There is a demonstration of each instrument. Music included is by Grieg, Copland and Tchaikovsky.




1-4  ($21.99)  908-707-0766

Spin n' Sort Shape Box 

A colorful way to delight your baby, this Crank, Spin n' Sort Shape Box will help your child develop color and shape recognition skills plus eye-hand coordination. When all the pieces are in the right spot the child pulls the lever and spins the wheel, all the pieces tumble into the box. The box is made up of primary, bright colors, blue, green, yellow and red, and is easy to carry and take along on a trip. Colors encourage the child to learn color recognition as well as the shapes. This is a toy that the child will use over and over again. Another great product from an outstanding company.


Children's Out-of-School 


6-12  ($19.95)  800-873-5487

Activities Club Hobby Kits 

Children enjoy learning new information during the summer, particularly if it's a project that they can have fun with. In this series children can learn about photography, including a camera, film, instructions, poster and official club membership. Soaring with Birds is about bird watching with binoculars and bird feeder kit. With Cool Running Clock, build a clock, experiment with sun dials and water clocks Marvelous Masks allows them to use mask forms with plaster, paint and create their own. A terrific series of activities for children who are ready to do some work on their own. 

Joan Bergstrom created this series and with her son produced a book called "All the Best Contests for Kids," Tricycle Press. Dr. Bergstrom wrote, The Best Summer Ever: Parent's Guide, giving plenty of ideas for planning a happy and productive summer.


Cloud 9 Interactive 


6-12  ($29.95)  888-662-5683

Be A Dinosaur Finder 

Another way your child to enjoy learning about dinosaurs is to explore what a paleontologist does, With this CD Rom, animation adventure, kids become assistants, discover and unearth fossils and solve puzzles. Other characters like a dog, chameleon and a kangaroo guide players into a camp of an expert. Children learn games, language and have a great time. The one to find the missing bones needed to complete the dinosaur skeleton wins. Travel to find the right bones to fit the right dinosaur and they solve problems along the way. A range of fun appropriate to age and ability.