Dixon Ticonderoga 

3-12  ($1.29)  800-824-9430

PRANG Soybean Crayon 

This is the first crayon that is environmentally pure made from soybean oil. In boxes of eight to 64 colors this is a unique, safe product. Soybean is one of the most plentiful and useful crops. The crayons were designed by three students at Purdue University studying food processing engineering in the School of Agriculture. The all-natural, biodegradable soybean crayons are in bright earth colors. They eliminate the use of petroleum in making crayons. A coloring book of Looney Tunes characters is in every pack. Perfect product to take along on your next trip from the company that makes the No. 2 Ticonderoga pencil. This is the oldest consumer product company in the U.S. from 1795 and is the nation's largest pencil manufacturer. Other writing instruments and art products for children are available under the name of Prang.


Do-A-Dot Art! 


6-12  ($5.99)  800-436-8278

Busy Board 

A great new product for fun on any trip. Easy to take along and use with a white, write and wipe surface. Durable and easy to clean up with tissue. A clip holds paper. A perfect item and easy for your child to use for art and writing on one side; the other side has simple games like connect-the-dots and tic-tac-toe A terrific investment for all the art projects your child can do on a trip plus any other kind of games to play on a flat surface. Light enough for child to carry or to put in tote bag.


Early Work Learning Tools 






Your child may enjoy learning to be a cartoonist either during the summer or after school. This video will take your child through all the steps. Designed by an expert cartoonist. This may be something you might enjoy doing together with your child. Learn the basics needed to create your own comic strip. Teachers may obtain a manual to help them to use the video as a classroom program. This is fun and creative instruction. Who knows, your child may one day get a job with Disney Studios.


Educational Design 


8-12  ($15.00)  800-221-9372

Amazing Volcanoes 

A special and unique product that teaches children about volcanoes. Endless experiments and variations are provided. You can learn to make lava from a small trickle to a roaring fountain. You can paint a volcanic tray with seven volcanoes on it. There's a science book filled with activities, legends, information and experiments and poster. This kit is filled with everything you need to learn about this natural phenomenon. This company offers a full range of exciting science projects.