Educational Games 




Near & Far 

Developed to teach preschoolers the differences in size and perspective, this product shows children how to play with a puzzle and a game that is a 3-dimensional, perceptional device.



3-12  ($19.95)  800-404-4744

Big Foot 

Children get active and compete with a simple, but easy-to-use game where feet and hands are assembled from light, colorful foam. Big Foot and Big Hand can be played together. The oversized hands and feet will delight your child and they will have fun playing with other children indoors and out. Great game to take along for travel as it can be played at your destination. Easy to use for children of all ages and adults.


3-110  ($14.95)  800-404-4744

Whats the Catch? 

A great game for travel or backyard. What's the Catch is a fishing game. Play in the bath tub, in the backyard with a tub of water, with rods, lines, bait and fish of four colors. Detailed instructions for a great, totally safe game. The fish can be put back into the water at all times. Encourages finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination. A fun birthday party game as well.


EKA Productions 


Birth-4  ($14.95)  800-945-2875

Wilbur Visits the Farm 

In this entertaining new video, Learning and Play with Wilbur and Friends, a child will enjoy learning about Wilbur and other farm animals. Be introduced to ducks, pigs, goats and other animals and their sounds with a great trip to the farm and become familiar with animals they might not otherwise see up close. Wilbur is going to be a stuffed animal and be available to go along with this and other videos. With the stuffed animal, they will have even more interaction. This video will help your children understand animals, their habitat and sounds.