Fanny's Play House 


3-7  ($26.50)  516-822-3752

Pose and Play Family 

Ideal, small flexible dolls, will charm your child at play in and around their doll house. Take them along for travel and put into travel fun bag. Beautifully detailed with casual clothing. Families come in ethnic variations with different styled hair. These dolls will provide a delightful play experience for your child at home or on route. Easy to clean in sudsy, soapy water and rinsed. Air dry they come out perfect. The family of four is a reasonable price and gives your child a family to play with for many hours of fun.




4-10  ($2.80715-842-2091

Paint Markers 

Bright colors, perfect for travel, non-toxic and are excellent for art activities, indoors and outdoors. Choose from tempera colors in red, blue, green, yellow, white and black and violet. Allows for easy flow of paint without spills, and they will be able to use these non-toxic paints for a long time.




4-10  ($8.00)  715-842-2091

Paper Punch 

Thirteen different punch models are available with large easy-to-use buttons so child can put under paper, press and cut out a design. New punch shapes include circles, animals, trees, dinosaur, train, heart, butterfly and a sailboat. They are a terrific way for the child to have fun putting together designs for collages and decorating cards.







Softgrip Scissors 

A soft handle provides comfort and control and an easy way for the child to use scissors. They are available in different color handles of teal, blue, plum. The finger rest guides the child as to the proper way to cut. This is a great product for craft projects any time of the year, particularly in summer.

Fresh Tracks 

3-5  ($24.00800-551-6145

Nature Buddies 

A unique combination of illustrated tee shirt, stuffed animal in a pocket and an informative booklet The pocket tee shirt provides the background habitat where Keiko, the Orca whale, resides. He comes out to play when the child wishes him to. A terrific item to take along on a trip. The booklet tells the true story with good illustrations. This tee shirt is sure to please your young whale lover.

Fujitsu Interactive 


4-12  ($59.95)  888-992-5433


FinFin is the star of FinFin on Teo, the Magic Planet. A half dolphin, half bird, he is a creation of Artificial Life Technology. He is capable of feeling, learning and developing a relationship with children. The Cyberpet has a mission to help your child become comfortable with computing. It is a fun and unique product. FinFin expresses feelings. He might squeal or retreat if he is afraid. He knows melodies and can move and respond. This product is the result of many years of research and development. The technology is simple to use. No mouse or keyboard is needed. A smart sensor mounts on top of the PC and acts as the eyes and ears of FinFin. Comes with an interactive screen saver this is the first 3-D virtual pet with artificial intelligence. With terrific photography and graphics this is definitely a product that will fascinate your child.