Animal Flutes 

Introduce your child to animals by teaching them to play the ocarina with one of these wonderful animals. Choose among a tiger, a bear, a turtle, gray whale, a frog, a sea turtle or a dolphin. Each instrument plays an 8-tone scale. They're colorfully detailed and come with a song book and animal facts. Summertime is a wonderful time for kids to learn how to develop musical talent and these flutes will really assist them.


Future Boomers 


2-6  ($9.98)  800-743-6244

Beth Manners' Fun French 

An innovative way for your child to learn another language. Cassette teaches understanding of French through the stories, games, and songs. There are understandable, easy-to-understand stories like the Three Bears and over a hundred French words and phrases. A delightful way for your child to learn French through a cassette that blends stories and hundred French words. Learning a foreign language has never been easier. Children, are able to understand other languages. This tape developed with French teachers has been tested. Runs 28 minutes. Children's mental development and understanding of other cultures are improved when they have these experiences. A must if you plan to travel out of this country with your child.




6-12  ($10.00)  800-638-7568

Horse Show 

Training a horse and riding a horse in shows is something that children totally enjoy imagining or doing. For children who do ride or would like to ride, this game is perfect. It takes you through different events while you learn as you play. The winner gets the most blue ribbon event cards. Learn about different aspects of horse training and show along with the game itself. It is set up so that it can travel well and directions are easy to follow for learners at all levels. Children are encouraged to write their own horse story for further reinforcement.


Gemini Kaleidoscopes 

6-12  ($7.50)  800-999-8700

Frogs & Toads 

A kaleidoscope are magical to children. These pocket-size kaleidoscopes are 4 inches tall and just perfect for your child's hand while they look at colorful frog and toad images. A perfect gift to interest your child in nature before, during and after a trip to a park. This product is part of an extensive line of high quality kaleidoscopes that provide children with perfect classic qualities of colors, design and imagination. Great for inspiring art work or a discussion of light refraction.