4-8  ($189.95)  314-458-2056

Magnetic Chalkboard/Easel 

This is an excellent magnetic chalkboard/easel. It comes with 26 magnetic pieces and 10 magnetic number pieces. A magnetic chalkboard is one side, draw erase marker board and clip for drawing paper on the other side. The easel is 24 inches wide with a height of 3 to 42 feet. Well designed it can be used at home or in school. This company makes other high quality wooden products like a map puzzle of the U.S.A., 18 x 28, with easy to lift pegs, designed so the state capitol is shown underneath. Products of maple or birch and painted with non-toxic paints.


Hoopla by André 


Birth-3 yrs  ($20.00)  800-747-2454


Twinx is a colorful, unusually shaped, soft plaything. Colorful legs, arms and eyes tuck in and out of its body, hidden noises, rattle and squeak, plus lots of high-contrast colors. The loops at the end of the arms can be used as handles. The nose can be manipulated into many comical positions. It can be attached easily to cribs and strollers. Twinx is a funny character with lots of surprises. Your child will have fun making the sounds and changing the expression. This will make travel a lot easier and more fun for everyone. 

Another fun, colorful product is Zoobit at ($8 or $13) a colorful caterpillar that opens and is perfect for small muscles and grasping. (See picture)


Hoopla by André 


Birth-3 yrs 




Zoobit is a colorful, fun character that will make a great friend for the baby. It's got squeakers, rattles, and crinkles in its body. Hold it with velcro and it is a perfect rattle. The loops offer places for the baby to grab. With plenty of colors, high contrast patterns this is definitely a wonderful product to take along. Unique, soft and fun to play with.




3-8  ($29.95)  800-426-7235

Crayola Magic 3D Book 

The winning combination of Crayola and IBM produced an innovative, multimedia product for your child to have fun and use their imagination. Crayola, a long-time favorite creativity tool, combined with the newest technology creates a color workshop and library. Your young artist can explore, develop images and create 3-dimensional works of art. The pictures to color include dinosaurs, insects, sea creatures and teddy bears. Use textures and tools to fill in the image and the results are 3-dimensional. Artwork can be saved in a scrapbook or printed. Your child can develop stories and cartoons.The different tools that are available include 21 classic Crayola crayon colors, glitter, textures, paint, different sized crayons. Don't forget to display the art when finished. Try your hand at creating art. A delightful product for vacation, in and after school.